Application for the character of Prussia

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Application for the character of Prussia

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:13 pm

Country: "Kingdom of Awesome! Kingdom of Prussia!"
Human Name: "Gilbert Beildschmidt~"
Birthday: January the 18th, of course.
Age: "Well physically I look to be about 20 years old... However, my awesome country was founded in 1701, which actually makes me around 3000 years old." ((Which also depends on my own mathematic ability.))

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual.
Height: "Kesese~ A handsome 6ft!" ((By which he means 5"9))
Weight: ((I don't know how weight measurements work so it's best I left this blank.))
Appearance: "AWESOME, handsome, sexy, muscular." ((White hair, red eyes, slim build but not completely scrawny. I'm sure everyone here has seen him before.))

Language(s): "I used to speak Old Prussian. I still do sometimes. But since I now represent East Germany it's just German."
Capital: "Konigsreich!"

Likes and hobbies: "I quite like starting fights. Especially with Austria, he's so easily annoyed! And beer! How can anyone forget about that! Soft little birds are so cute too, aren't they Gilbird? I love petting them."

Family: "My little brother, West!"
Friends: "Clustering is for the weak. I prefer being alone." ((He is friends with Italy, Germany and he seems to be friends with Austria while disliking him at the time.))
Enemies: "That damned Russia!"
((Friends and enemies might change depending on roleplay events I guess.))

Brief Introduction: ((It isn't really anything to go on so I'll leave this blank because I have no idea what is supposed to go here))

Everything is optional except if your character is an OC. It would also be fun if it was completed "in-character". Of course, you don't have to if you don't want.

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