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Post by Soren Mikkelsen on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:53 am

1. Please respect all members.
This is probably on of the most important rules in this RP. DO NOT bring your Real Life Drama onto the forum. All Drama on here is Fiction and we would like to keep it that way.
If you have any problems with any one on this forum contact me or France.

2. Fill out a Character Application for your country.
You have 3 days from the day you registered to fill out a Character Application. If you fail to fill out a Character Application, France will delete you.

3. Have fun!
This is the second most important rule and its pretty self-explanitory. Lol

4. No offensive posts or pictures.

We will delete inactive Rpers.

6. Mind the Areas you are posting in.
There are descriptions of each thread and category in this forum. Please post accordingly.

What was the Mature RP section is now the Misc. RP section. This is where you will put rps that don't really fit in any other category.

Normal RP Area is where Country RPs go (i.e RP's where they know they are countries). You put them in where they are talking place. Like England in the pub goes in the European RP section.

Special RP Area is for Non Country RPs. (i.e. RP's where they do not know they are countries.)

Gakeun is where High school/College based RPs go.

Chibitalia is where Kindergarten/young based RPs go.

Historical houses both Country and Non country RPs. This is where Rps based around an historical event go.

Nyotalia houses both Country and Non country RPs. Genderbent RPs go here.

We hope you are feeling well and we will notify you if you have to move your RPs to another thread.

This is pretty simple right? Remember ADMIN and MODS are always watching you.

Rules are subject to change and we have the to delete anyone who does not abide by these rules.
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