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Category Changes and Rating Changes Empty Category Changes and Rating Changes

Post by Soren Mikkelsen on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:17 am

Hello there our fellow forum Rpers.

France has been talking to me and we have decided to make some changes to the Ratings and Categories. We feel like since the majority of our users are adults, hopefully mature adults, we decided to drop the rating on the main forum. We are trusting you to still act wisely and post wisely. Not go wild with this. We still will be watching everything and if you do not abide by the rules you will get reprimanded.

Category changes are as followed.

What was the Mature RP section is now the Misc. RP section. This is where you will put rps that don't really fit in any other category.

Normal RP Area is where Country RPs go (i.e RP's where they know they are countries). You put them in where they are talking place. Like England in the pub goes in the European RP section.

Special RP Area is for Non Country RPs. (i.e. RP's where they do not know they are countries.)

Gakeun is where High school/College based RPs go.

Chibitalia is where Kindergarten/young based RPs go.

Historical houses both Country and Non country RPs. This is where Rps based around an historical event go.

Nyotalia houses both Country and Non country RPs. Genderbent RPs go here.

We hope you are feeling well and we will notify you if you have to move your RPs to another thread.

Thank you.
Soren Mikkelsen
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