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Post by Soren Mikkelsen on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:59 am

Welcome All new RPer's.

Here are some rules for you to abide by!

1. Register your Character..
Register your Character with the country's Human name, your email and password.
France will approve your request.
Then please follow the Character register format in the Character registration thread. Please do it in character so we can get a feel of your character's personality!

2. RP in story format in third person.
i.e. England sighed as his allies walked away from their meeting. "Nothing ever gets done around here," he complained. "I guess only my imaginary friends understand me.." England smiled and patted Flying Mint Bunny's head as he walked off.

DO NOT RP LIKE THIS~*sweden finishes piling things into the fridge,now full minus milk denmark removed and proceeded over to hiswife.* * sweeden placed one hand on finlands head* good morgon mywife I have something for you *hands finland a small box with a ribbin on it and pretty metalic raping paper*
Dont eat it all in one day

3. Stay in character.
There are areas where you can be out of character, like the chat box and Out of Character area.
If you have to say something out of character please use ().

4. Post Wisely.
We feel like since the majority of our users are adults, hopefully mature adults, we decided to drop the rating on the main forum. We are trusting you to still act wisely and post wisely. Not go wild with this. We still will be watching everything and if you do not abide by the rules you will get reprimanded.

5. There are different RP areas you can use.
For a list, read the General Forum Rules thread.

6.Indicate whether a thread is open or private.
i.e. "Walking Around Town (open)" or "Allied Meeting (open to Allied Forces only)". This will prevent from random people posting in your thread.

7. OCs are welcome!
We only accept country OCs so no states, cities, etc. Just make sure that the OC is close to the actual country as possible.

8. Put your reply in the correct thread.

If you god mod and I see it, you will get a warning. If you do it again, I will delete you.
If someone is god modding in one of your RP's, tell me or France.
Rules are subject to change and we hold full right to delete anyone that does not abide by these rules.
Soren Mikkelsen
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